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Tangible Transformations Real Results | Beck Spinal Care & Rehab

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"I had neck pain from whiplash and couldn't turn my head comfortably. I had lower back pain and had a difficult time standing to get out of bed in the morning. I couldn't garden very long, I just was not as active as I had been. My family said I wasn't much fun anymore. Now I feel great! I feel better about driving now that I have more ease in turning my head and I can move more quickly in the morning. A side effect - my blood pressure is normal now and the heart doctor stopped my blood pressure pills."

Ellen B.

"I had two bulged disks in my neck that were pressing down on the nerve that ran down my right arm. I could not feel my thumb and it felt as if most of my right arm and shoulder were on fire. I was in pain all the time. I could not sleep or sit at my desk without codeine. I was very skeptical about alternative forms of medicine, and I really was not interested in listening to anyone besides my medical doctors. However, I had a friend who had visited Dr. Beck and had amazing success.  Fortunately, I was able to get help from Dr. Beck when I did.  My right arm is still a bit weaker than my left arm, but I know this because I am back to lifting weights regularly. I have been on several campouts with my Scouts, and sleeping on the ground is not a problem. I am still more careful than I used to be, as recovering from an injury like mine is a long term proposition, but I am completely pain free. My injury no longer affects my work, my hobbies, or my marriage. If your back or neck hurts, you should visit Dr. Beck. I felt an immediate reduction in pain, and within a week was off my pain medication completely."  

- Jason E

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"I had a stiff neck and numbness radiating down my arm and it slowed me down at home and work. Now I feel Great! After several visits the numbness was completely gone. Even after the first visit my stiff/sore neck felt much better. Dr. Beck also gave me other ideas to prevent numbness from returning. I plan on monthly maintenance visits to prevent further damage. Dr. Beck is very good at what he does. He is fast and friendly."


- Benjamin

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"I had constant back pain for decades. I kind of learned to live with it. I tried other chiropractic treatments with no change or success of improvement. I was amazed how much pain relief I experienced after only one treatment for my back. I instantly could sleep and move better." - Hans B.

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I came in initially with terrible headaches and neck pain from playing sports and running long distance and Dr Beck helped me set up a treatment plan. He quickly got me the relief I was needing. He's friendly, trustworthy, knowledgeable, and his treatments are effective! I even started having my kids get treatments and I still drop in on a monthly basis to keep myself feeling great.

- Adam

"Headaches and pressure caused me to not feel well and have low energy each day. Now the pressure is almost completely gone. The headaches are minimal. I went from having 5 migraines a month down to one or two in just three visits. I feel like I now have the hope of fixing what the problem has been as opposed to just masking it as I had been." -Stephanie M.

- Jason E

Everybody should get checked

Optimal health may take work... 

YOU are worth it.

We take pride in understanding your health on a deeper level. Our mission is to take our time and do it right. With our unique and safe treatment style, we can improve your well-being without the crunching and popping like most chiropractors.

Beck Spinal Care & Rehab


Consultation & Exam

Every patient is different. Your care should be unique to you. Our team will sit down and spend time talking about what aspects of your health are important to you, and what concerns you have. Dr. Beck or Dr. Thomsen will then perform a thorough examination to determine what areas need some tender love and care. Resolving your concerns and answering your questions are important to us so we spendas much time as your need.



X-Rays & Analysis

We take detailed and high quality digital x-rays of your spine. No second guessing or looking at poor image quality on grainy films.  When it comes to your neck, we take specific views that only 1 out of every 50 chiropractors take. We can also take images of your mid and low back. Once we are satisfied with the images, we sit down together and talk about everything we see. 



Adjustments & Therapy

As upper cervical experts, every adjustment is done with specificity and precision. Our motto is to keep things gentle without twisting or popping. We can also do acupuncture, ultrasound, myofascial release, Tens, flexion-distraction, decompression, massage, and more. Our goal is to have you walking out of our office feeling at least 50% better than you did when you walked in.


we love to treat

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"I suffer from chronic back pain I have for many many years now. I’ve always had a stigma against chiropractors that all they do is crack your bones and nothing else. My wife has been seeing this doctor for 4 1/2 years now, and it took some immense convincing to get me to go see him. after seeing Dr Beck the last few months with my back it has been more manageable to be able to do things and live a normal life without being in constant pain."

- Hunter

Dr. Beck is super knowledgeable and combines both a holistic and medical approach to healing. He works with busy schedules and really cares about your healing process. What he does works. I’ll be a forever patient.

- Jason E

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"We appreciate Dr. Beck & his expertise. He is very knowledgable & we appreciate his gentle adjustments, that make such a difference. He is also very good to share exercises, stretches, & tips to help as well. You are in good "hands" with Dr. Beck"

- Mayona

Best Chiro wellness center in Utah Valley. Very kind and personable staff. After my last visit I felt my brain fog clear, more energy throughout the day, and extended relaxation. If you’ve been to a Chiro before you’ll notice how gentle Dr. Becks technique is compared to most other chiros who contort your body in painful ways. Thanks you guys!

- Drayton

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We first sought Dr. Beck's upper cervical expertise for a child with chronic headaches. He has since treated our entire family for one thing or another: whiplash, shoulder injury, sports trauma, collapsed disc, and even a genetic spine disorder (diagnosed from his x-rays; confirmed by lab results). We've been amazed at how quickly Dr. Beck's gentle techniques produce dramatic results. He's knowledgeable, friendly, and efficient in practice. We readily recommend him to our friends.

- Susan

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Dr. Beck has helped my whole family! We love going to him. He is so personable and friendly. I always feel great after adjustments. He is a great listener and I would for surely recommend him to anyone who needs a good chiropractor!

- Jenny

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