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You live through your

Nervous System

Your health depends on nerves communicating to your brain and signaling to the rest of your body.

How does Dr. Beck keep your head on straight?

Dr. Beck corrects misalignment's of the neck using gentle techniques instead of popping and cracking.  X-rays are taken to measure the displacement of the head and neck vertebrae from three different planes - from the top, front and side.

Dr. Beck has been trained in both NUCCA and Atlas Orthogonal techniques. By using these techniques to correct top vertebrae displacement, your body’s natural healing ability is restored. Once successfully and properly adjusted, your neck will be strengthened and your pain will be eliminated!


Restoring you to optimal health is our primary goal..

What is the Atlas?

The Atlas is the first bone in the spine, located at the base of the skull. It supports the head and is the passageway for the arteries that provide up to 40% of the blood supply to the brain. It also protects the spinal cord that connects the brain with the rest of the body. The body shows symptoms of disease when there is pressure on nerves, blood vessels and the brain stem.

What does it mean?

"Your Atlas is out of alignment."

When the atlas is in the proper position, it is exactly 90 degrees to the skull and the cervical spine. This is the optimal position that allows the rest of the spine to align correctly.

Research shows that symptoms not directly related to the physical location of the Atlas such as low back pain, arm pain, and leg pain can be treated by setting the Atlas in a balanced position.

What Is Subluxation?

Subluxation is the misalignment of a vertebra causing nerve irritation. When subluxation is happening, the nerve becomes restricted and may not function properly.  At Beck Spinal Care and Rehab it is our mission to align your spine for maximum comfort and health to help you feel your best!

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